Juncheng Quadcopter

Juncheng Quadcopter – Arriving a powerful card board box, it’s properly protected throughout shipping. The plastic place is sort of flimsy, but is going to do. In the human body discover the quad, optional prop pads, screws to repair these (2 missing within my box), the transmitter, battery, manual, a USB charger and spare props.

As USB battery chargers possess a status of overcharging, I hooked battery as much as my B6 charger rather. Battery is large for any quad this size, 250 mAh. This quad is a lot more like a flying battery and 4 large motors, you could say.

Juncheng Quadcopter

Juncheng Quadcopter

Placing the stubby battery in to the battery holder wasn’t easy, you have to bend open the retainer lip (that stops battery from sliding out) somewhat, after which carefully wiggle battery in. Appears like certainly some room for improvement here. I left the prop pads off, not just due to the missing screws, however this also is not my first quad,, plus I fly mostly outside, where you will find no walls, living fellow occupants, or furniture to come across.

There might be grounds they made the doorway towards the battery holder so tight, because this stubby searching quad is remarkably fast. No beginner-friendly reduced rates, where top speed is a lot more like moving, that one is built to race! Yaw rate might not be the quickest I have seen, the Edge Nano QX is a faster quad for example, but it will make very tight high-speed banked turns, and overall is really a pleasure to fly.

The manual is a little dodgy, for example it shows another quad around the pictures on how to fly, also it describes a presentation around the transmitter, that is not there. In Addition, I haven’t yet discover how you can set the quad in high rates, as apparently it defaults to “low” rates. However these reduced rates are quicker than most quads’ high rates, should you request me.

Watch the review video here.

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