UDI RC U818a HD Quadcopter

UDI RC U818a HD QuadcopterUDI RC U818a HD Quadcopter – Check out this cool video that I shot with the on-board camera that comes standard with this drone. I purchased this drone in the US at a local electronics store. For the price, it lacked a ton of features and is basically a cross between a mini and a small quadcopter.

This drone does not preform will in the wind. The propeller guards are built into the frame of the drone, so the wind actually uses them as a sail. Due to the design, you cannot take them off for better maneuverability.

This quadcopter is still very fun to fly and a good starter toy. For the money, I would purchase a Tarantula X6 and wait the 15 plus days it takes to arrive from China. The U818A cannot lift a GoPro or upgraded camera, so your options are extremely limited.

Additionally, the native camera that comes with this drone is junk. You get tons of jello and by no means does this drone shoot in 1080P, like advertised on the box.

What do you think about this UDI RC U818a HD Quadcopter