Cheerson CX10 vs 993 Mini Nano Quadcopter Reviews

Cheerson CX10 vs 993 Mini Nano Quadcopter Reviews – Check out this video of me comparing these to mini’s against each other. Both have good and bad qualities, but there can only be one superior nano. The Cheerson CX10 came with a lot of hype behind it. I am not sure if I received a bad one or if this is how they fly. The one that I received had problems from the first flight.

For some odd reason, the quadcopter loses binding with the controller. The motors go full blast and Cheerson CX 10 is destroying anything in it’s path, including itself. Additionally, it had issues in the wind, while flying outdoors. The acceloromitors mess up often, causing the quadcopter to become unstable and uncontrollable.

The 993 Mini has been great so far. I have less flights with it, but can already see the difference in flight quality. The 993 hovers very well and does not need constint correcting. It handles okay in the wind and excellent indoors. My only complaint, is that the yaw rate is extremely slow in the lowest setting. High pitch turns take forever and you are likely to go out of the 30 meter range, trying to complete one.

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