DIY F450 Quadcopter Crash Fail

DIY F450 Quadcopter Crash FailDIY F450 Quadcopter Crash Fail – Check out this video of me flying this drone. I took my quadcopter out on a windy day, without having the correct firmware installed on my KK 2.1.5 Flight Controller. This resulted in me not having enough pitch to cut through the wind. The F450 drifted away from me, until the transmitter connection was lost.

Thus, resulting in the quacopter falling from 30 plus feet in to a small valley. One of the four motor arms broke and I lost on cheap nylon carbon props. Since the crash, I have test my quadcopter and all seems to be working in good order. Now I have to wait for my USB Flasher for the KK 2.1.5 and one new arm.

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