FlySky FS-T6 Flight Controller Unboxing

FlySky FS-T6 Flight Controller Unboxing – Check out this video of me doing an unboxing of this transmitter and receiver. I purchased this transmitter and receiver to use on a do-it-yourself quadcopter kit. I built a F450 DJI Firewheel knockoff. The Flysky transmitter worked well with the kit, but I will most likely change it out in the future.

This transmitter only has 6 channels, with limits the amount of functions. You do get a wide range of switches and knobs on the controller, but the receiver and transmitter can only be programmed to 6 channels. The transmitter is big, solid and very well put together. I did have a slight issue hooking the Flight Controller up to the receiver at first, as I could not figure out why the first pin slot did not go to channel one.

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