WLToys V303 Seeker 1080P Camera

WLToys V303 Seeker 1080P Camera – Check out this video of me flying this quadcopter with a RunCam HD attached. The V303 Seeker is an excellent quadcopter for intermediate fliers. This is a GPS drone, so there are a few more setup steps that need to be followed prior to taking off after each flight.

The V303 does have a slight vibration issue, due to the GPS system trying to compensate its position and and auto-leveling. This make the image from the camera Jello’ish, as the vibration effects it directly. A gimbal of sorts is needed or anti-vibration balls. I have the RunCam HD attached to a Walkera G-2D mounting bracket, with anti-vibration balls on it. The result is a decent looking video, with little-to-no Jello.

What do you think about this WLToys V303 Seeker 1080P Camera video?