DJI Inspire 1 or WLToys Q333

What do you think this DJI Inspire 1 or WLToys Q333 video?

DJI Inspire 1 or WLToys Q333

WLToys Q333 is the newest Camera FPV Quadcopter from WLToys that is an exact Replica of DJI Inspire 1. I have no idea why WLToys had to copy DJI. WLToys Q333 offers 5.8ghz Live Video Transmission and a 720P Camera for photos and video recording. WLToys Q333 in every manner are an exact replica, true copy of DJI Inspire 1 and shifts the shape during flight manually like Inspire 1 as well. However, when it comes to flight performance, it’s not that stable and tends to lose control due to flexibility of its structure and motors upward thrust, that pulls the flexible arms and structure variable up, causes the aircraft to behave abrupt and out of control time by time. It’s a shame to see WLToys Copying DJI products and then a product that does not actually impresses with its quality or performance. Anyway, it’s a toy and overall it flies ok and offers live video to fly, satisfactory video and still shots to have fun with.

You can order the Quad here if you like. Or else Kindly support Real product DJI Inspire 1.

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