Eachine Micro SkyHunter Complete Indoor Review

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Eachine Micro SkyHunter Complete Indoor Review

Eachine Micro SkyHunter is a 780mm wingspan, EPO Foam Construction, High Quality and powerful Micro FPV Plane that will surely make you fall in love with its very first flight. Eachine Micro Skyhunter Sold as PNP and FPV PNP versions. FPV PNP Version Eachine Micro SkyHunter comes with everything you will need to build and fly this FPV. All you need to do is use your own radio and receiver and an 11.1v 1300mAh battery to power the plane. Eachine Micro Skyhunter FPV version comes with Eachine EF-01 all in one 25mw 5.8ghz 40 channel Micro FPV System as well which offers clear video transmission up to 1km range given that you have a good setup at your receiving end.

Eachine Micro SkyHunter is a quality build, and is equipped with quality components, 9g Fast servos, a 2300kv Powerful motor and a 20A Quality Hobbywing Esc. Building the plane is very straight forward and takes only few minutes to glue the components and setting up the surfaces using your own radio Tx and Rx and a battery. Stick the Eachine EF-01 FPV Sytem on the nose, connect it to your battery balance port using supplied connector and you are good to fly fast thrilling Proximity FPV or FPV racing with this mean little bad boy. Enjoy the full review and watch the outdoor flight testing videos on my channel.

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