HBX Hammerhead 2WD Electric RC Dune Buggy Indoor Review

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HBX Hammerhead 2WD Electric RC Dune Buggy Indoor Review

1/6th Scale Large Potent Beast, the All new HBX 2WD Electric RC Dune Buggy is right here for your weekly Desert Off Road, Dune bashing, sand splashing action. The extended waiting is more than. This incredible and Majestic Dune buggy is ultimately right here. This potent 1/6th Scale 2WD Buggy rips some severe speed and gives a supreme potent Punch. HBX Dune Buggy merely darkens the sun by spraying Sand higher behind it with every Throttle punch. Not only the efficiency, this buggy has some severe and distinctive Appears as nicely. It has a entirely brand new pillar significantly less roof leading with aggressive shell style matched with vibrant yellow Race Colour scheme panels. It is actually tough to appear away from this buggy and its majestic look. If not that, then the potent jaw dropping higher speed efficiency of this Dune buggy will certainly get your interest.

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