Ideafly Grasshopper RTF FPV Racing Quadcopter Indoor Review

What do you think this Ideafly Grasshopper RTF FPV Racing Quadcopter Indoor Review video?

Ideafly Grasshopper RTF FPV Racing Quadcopter Indoor Review

230 kph or 142 mph fast FPV Racing Quadcopter. That’s what IdeaFly Claims with their new Ready to fly 210mm size FPV Racing Quadcopter. But is Ideafly grasshopper really that fast?

To get the right answer to this question, you will have to watch this indoor review, get excited, and then watch the Flight testing review where I bust the ideafly fastest Quadcotper myth and claim.

IdeaFly Grasshopper is a neat little 210mm size FPV Racing quadcopter that comes ready to fly with an old crappy FlySky i6 rebranded Radio, a 200mw FPV System and Camera installed. IdeaFly Grasshopper is equipped with very powerful motor, ESC and propellers combo that is horribly configured with SP Racing F3 Flight Controller. Whats more, FlyColor Raptor V2 ESCs that miserably pass their quality control and offer nothing but flips of death and motors going full throttle out of control.

Grasshopper frame is very nice and tough and mimics a Grasshopper in its shape. Motors are very good, propellers are good quality and SP Racing F3 is a great flight controller. But the way Quadcopter is programmed with a miserably low quality cheap radio system, and ESCs coming from one of the worst ESCs makers in China, this Quadcopter is nothing but a tool to rip your fingers off and or injure someone in the field.

Anyway, enjoy this video and don’t forget to watch outdoor flight testing review to find out if you really want to buy this quadcopter and or go for something better.

You can order the quadcopter here if you like to get slashed and chopped and hospitalized LOL

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