XK X251 "Whirlwind" Full Review & Flight Test

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XK X251 "Whirlwind" Full Review & Flight Test

Full Review & Flight test of the XK X251 "Whirlwind" small brushless quadcopter (COURTESY: GEARBEST)
(USA WAREHOUSE– $106.83)
(CHINA– $106.99)

Brushless motors!!!
Super fast flyer with lots of "punch"
very stable
bright easy to see LED’s
high end hobby grade programmable Transmitter (Futaba protocol)
Impressive flight times of nearly 15 mins
Lightweight, only 202g so NO FAA registration required
Very quiet

Instruction manual is very poorly translated into English
Landing gear is a bit flimsy
Lack of ON/OFF switch
Battery only has a balance plug, no secondary plug for using hobby grade chargers

HUGE THANKS to Robin Savage from Pegasus Producciones http://www.pegasuspro.es for the amazing intro!!!!!! Please visit his website if you need any video production work.

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