Riding the X-Rider CX3 Pro RC Motorcycle

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Riding the X-Rider CX3 Pro RC Motorcycle

X-Rider CX3 is a Pro series, hobby grade, 1/10th scale RC Motorcycle. This RC Superbike Replica has great scaled details and quality hobby grade parts. It has a built-in gyro for stable ride and control. It is belt driven brushed motor setup but still its fast enough for RC indoor and outdoor Racing. CX3 has steel front forks, high torque steering servo with servo savor, Rear oil filled shock and belt drive system that mimics the Chain drive. Using a 7.4v 1000mAh battery, this little RC Superbike offers plenty of speed and lots of drive time for your fun drives or RC Racing. X-Rider CX3 offers quality hobby parts and CX3-II Radio Control System for tweaking your bike’s responses as per your riding style. If you are looking for a RC Racing Superbike, Sports bike or GP bike, look no further. X-Rider CX3 has it all. Get yourself brushless version for extra agility, speed and performance. X-Rider is very customizable and you can do a custom job using the provided stickers on bike covers. Rider is the funniest part of this review and CX3 bike. Don’t forget to check that clip out LOL. It’s a great product. Two thumbs up. Super fun to drive and addicting. You are going to love it. Highly recommended.

You can order the CX3 Bike here

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