Super DieCast 15 Channel RC Excavator

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Super DieCast 15 Channel RC Excavator

HuiNa Toys Super DieCast 6 Channel RC Excavator is an Alloy Excavator Toy. This RC Excavator is highly scaled replica of a real excavator. HuiNa Toys have taken care of every inch and details of scale looks from real models and replicates them on their toys. It offers a powerful operating performance for a better and realistic play. Its realistic tracks have powerful gear ratios to move this heavy alloy excavator with ease even on soft sand, mud, dirt and stones. It offers 3 joint realistic movements and controls for its excavating arm and bucket. It can dig, drag, push, and carry a full load of sand, dirt, stones and other materials without any issues and dump them as per operating instructions.

Using a 2.4Ghz Radio System, it offers better and solid control signals and control range for a satisfying game play. Its sturdy and tough with its alloy and diecast construction. It has 15 channel Radio control for operating all aspects of your Excavator with realistic and powerful performance. It also offers a demo mode and programming mode using the radio to program repetitive and simple digging and excavating operations for better work and play.
These are super fun to play with Toys and highly recommended for all RC Construction machines lovers. Enjoy the indoor unboxing and operating demo review. Outdoor play videos are coming soon on my channel.

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