DJI Phantom 4 Pro Flight Test Demonstration

What do you think this DJI Phantom 4 Pro Flight Test Demonstration video?

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Flight Test Demonstration

This advanced video/photography drone comes with many more capabilities than similar type drones. Buy it here . This is a first in a series of demonstration flights that will examine the features and capabilities of the Phantom 4 Pro. This particular flight focused on simple low level flying and demonstration of the camera.

The below short list of pros and cons are limited to the features demonstrated or discussed in this video. Follow-on videos will expound on additional features and limitations of this quadcopter.

– Extremely stable and accurate flier with combined GPS and optical stabilization systems. Also includes dual compass and dual inertial measurement units (IMU) to stabilize GPS positioning. I got to admit that this is actually pretty cool and advanced as compared to other GPS controlled quadcopter.
– Excellent 20MP camera with stable three axis gimbal. Camera is capable of recording up through 4K @ 60 fps. Although wide angled view, there is virtually no fisheye effect.
– Includes 5 direction obstacle avoidance sensor systems, (dual optical and acoustic on bottom, dual optical front and rear, and IR right and left). However, with current firmware, only the front optical sensors are used for actual obstacle avoidance.

– Although the quadcopter and its camera can be entirely manually controlled via its controller, advanced features and telemetry information require use of the “DJI Go 4” app.
– DJI Go 4 app requires the use of tablets or phones with high end processors. It’s very likely that you may need to also invest in a new tablet with this drone. In this video, FPV video view was very laggy and froze soon after takeoff. However, telemetry data and control features were still available.

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