Simtoo Dragonfly 4K Follow Me Drone Test Flights

What do you think this Simtoo Dragonfly 4K Follow Me Drone Test Flights video?

Simtoo Dragonfly 4K Follow Me Drone Test Flights

Simtoo Dragonfly 4k Follow me drone sure packs some impressive features and all those features of this quadcopter, well they do work. However again we are facing the exaggeration and false claims of advertisement to sell the product here. I believe Simtoo Dragonfly is a good concept and good drone for its price. However, if you are comparing it to a DJI Phantom or Mavic, or expecting it to be as good as the recent DJI Drones, well it’s not going to fit any of your expectations. It’s like the primitive versions of early DJI drones maybe. There are a lot of things that company can look at and improve. First off, they should improve the gimbal programming. Upon rotation, gimbal always hangs at one side and gradually gets back to level. Enough to ruin your great shots. The live video range is pathetic. Flight times are nowhere close to even 15 minutes. I got mostly 10 to 12 minutes on full charge. So once again, good concept and good try and you get what you pay for. Still it’s far from being a Mavic, yet even a Phatom 3. Maybe you can compare it to Phantom 2. Enjoy the video and decide for yourself. I did my best to keep the review very fair and honest.

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