Eachine E33W Mini WIFI FPV “H501S lookalike” Drone

What do you think this Eachine E33W Mini WIFI FPV “H501S lookalike” Drone video?

Eachine E33W Mini WIFI FPV

Review and Flight of the new Eachine E33W WIFI FPV Drone.
(E33W $37.99)

(E33C $32.99)

(E33 $25.99)

-cool looking, nice stable flyer
-WIFI FPV works well
-nice flight time of 7+ mins
-camera can be removed to extend flight time
-includes extra long landing gear (not needed) & prop guards
-nice controller and smartphone holder is excellent
-one key return
-executes 360 flips very well
-highest rate yaw makes the LED’s flash which looks cool at night
-seems very durable as seen when it crashed to the ground and I was able to take right back off again.

-no altitude hold
-battery is a bit hard to fit in compartment and close door
-expert rate yaw is very fast, so can lose orientation easily if you don’t look at the FPV screen or fly in Headless mode
-as seen in the review, the quad once just fell the the ground for no apparent reason. (seems to be a fluke incident but have not tested enough to confirm)

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