Hubsan H507A X4 Star WIFI FPV Follow Me Drone Unboxing

What do you think this Hubsan H507A X4 Star WIFI FPV Follow Me Drone Unboxing video?

Hubsan H507A X4 Star WIFI FPV Follow Me Drone Unboxing

Hubsan H507A X4 Star WIFI FPV Follow me drone is the newest Quadcopter from Hubsan that comes with big claims about its features, presented and advertised in a way that one would take this a DJI Killer. However, once you start flying it, you will soon realize, you have just bought yourself another toy grade Quadcopter. Though H507A X4 Star offers coolest features in its category, not all those advertised features work the way you would have expected. X4 Star is available in two versions. A radio-controlled version and an App controlled version. I got myself the app controlled version. For which you will have to download the X-Hubsan App. It was discontinued and removed from Google play so android owners will have trouble finding it. When it comes to flight performance, Hubsan X4 Star is a nice smooth flying machine and you will enjoy controlling and flying it around even using the Hubsan App which is just another copy of DJI GO. 720P Camera takes good enough shots and records videos however, it is not that impressive as advertised. To some it would be disappointing. Flying and fun to fly it with App is probably the only good thing this quadcopter has. Rest of the features like Follow me, Orbit mode and waypoints are going to disappoint you, big time. Watch the video and find out why. Overall I would say, it’s a good fun drone to fly around and play with. Apart from that, nothing else is useful into Hubsan X4. Enjoy the Video review

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