Walkera Furious 215 FPV Racer Flight Test Review

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Walkera Furious 215 FPV Racer Flight Test Review

If you’re looking for a hassle free FPV racer that’s ready to fly, right out of the box, this just might be it. Get it from here https://goo.gl/xe0qG1 or soon from here https://goo.gl/Zf2QHm . There are much cheaper racers out there. But cheap usually involves a lot of fiddling, modding, and tuning to get them to fly properly. It’s even obvious that some of the cheap ones were never flown by the manufacturer before release. But not with the Furious 215. It was really a pleasure to fly this. The work put into developing and fine tuning this racer is obvious.

– Didn’t need to change a thing out of the box. Mode switches were set just the way I like them, loaded with latest CF (1.14.2), and PIDs fine tuned for smooth yet responsive flying.
– SPRacing F3 flight control board. If you don’t like the above, fine tune it further to your heart’s content (including flashing with Betaflight).
– Thick 4mm carbon fiber arms. You’re going to have a hard time breaking these arms in a crash (although I’m also sure that there’s a concrete wall or pillar somewhere out there waiting to prove me wrong :). And if you do, each arm is bolted on and can be individually and easily replaced
– 20A ESCs supporting Oneshot 125/42
– 2500 KV motor
– Easily adjusted up (0 to 50 degrees) 600 TVL camera with 200 mW transmitter.
– CG nicely set. Rolls and flips are effortless.
– Beeper and on screen display (OSD)
– Comes with 4S 1300mah battery, with plenty of space for larger batteries.
– RTF version comes with Devo 7 transmitter.
– Although I didn’t use it, it also comes with a camera mount for GoPro style action cameras.
– All versions include UB-001 simulator cable dongle and a serial number for activating the “MR Drone” simulator program.

– t’aint cheap. You get what you pay for.
– The LED’s on the arms have to be installed by the user. It’s easy to do, but at this price, I feel they should have been installed at the factory.
– FPV transmitter is only eight channels (5866, 5847, 5828, 5809, 5790, 5771,5752, and 5733 MHZ). These days most transmitters on even the cheap drones are 40 or 48 channels.
– Propeller tightening threads on the motor shaft are all clockwise direction tightening. There is a possibility of clockwise turning propellers loosening the nut and coming off if the nut is not properly tightened.
– Not sure if the simulator dongle will also work with FPV Freerider. At least I couldn’t get it to work with Freerider on my computer. Sorry that I didn’t try it with MR Drone, as I’m a devout Freerider fan 😉

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