Eachine E011 “LEGO” micro quadcopter review & test flight

What do you think this Eachine E011 “LEGO” micro quadcopter review & test flight video?

Eachine E011

Review of the Eachine E011 “LEGO” or “BLOCK DRONE” with and without “LEGO” attached.
($16.99 China/$17.99 USA Warehouse)

-neat looking quad especially for children and fans of “Legos”
-flies very stable
-good flight time of nearly 6 mins with “Lego” figure attached
-Does 360 flips very good especially with “Lego” removed
-Does funnels very good with “Lego” removed
-headless mode
-can easily add a AIO cam and convert it to a “Tiny Whoop”
-ducted fan props provide plenty of thrust

-doesn’t do flips and or funnels well with “Lego” attached
-“Lego” figurine hurts flight characteristics when attached.

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