FQ17W or Eachine E55 Folding Pocket Selfie Drone

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FQ17W or Eachine E55 Folding Pocket Selfie Drone

FQ17W Folding Pocket Selfie drone is basically the same thing as Eachine E55, with a different sticker slapped on its face. FQ17W and Eachine E55 are basically the same quadcopters and there is no difference between these two. Basically, manufactured by same factory but sold under different names and packing. FQ17W is a mini Folding Pocket drone offering smart devices App control, Altitude hold, a pinhole 720P camera to record videos and take still shots, headless mode, 360 flips, and draw and fly feature. It is a fun little drone and it records videos and still shots straight to your phone using its WIFI connection. Using the supplied app on your smart devices, this little quadcopter is very easy to fly. Its folding design turns the quadcopter into a small compact square that you can easily carry in your pocket. Supplied 3.7-volt battery offers ample flight time for this size quadcopter. All the features work properly, except the Line Draw tracking feature that turns the quadcopter into a brainless machine LOL. Pictures and video quality is one of the worst you can expect from such pinhole cameras. So, if you are buying this quadcopter, thinking you can take good shots, you will be wrong. Overall, it’s a fun little quadcopter but do not expect too much out of it.

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