Must Watch Chicken Sky Diving From a Giant Drone

What do you think this Must Watch Chicken Sky Diving From a Giant Drone video?

Must Watch Chicken Sky Diving From a Giant Drone

Behold and Watch the World’s first ever, two chicken to Sky Dive off a drone from a record altitude of 30+ meters. This should be a new World Record for these two chicken to successfully Sky Dive and Fly down safely to ground. Watch, Share, and Spread the word for us and for these two-brave chicken 😊

Falcon Trainers, look no more. This is THE Drone you have been waiting for. AX Drones Payload Delivery Drone aka AGR-4 now comes ready to fly, ready to delivery payload for your falcon training needs. It will carry up to 6 Houbara Birds in custom cage that you can remotely open one by one and release one Houbara at a time for your falcon training, without having to land and reload and or swap batteries. Its powerful, its efficient and it will be your all in one falcon training platform.

AX Drones, proudly present, worlds first ever Payload Delivery, Chicken Delivery Drone. This is basically modified AX Drones AGR-4 (Agriculture crop dusting drone) Platform. AGR-4 Drone Platform is designed to carry 10 kilograms of payload and offer flight times up to 15 minutes or more depending upon batteries capacity and flight environment. AGR-4 has proven to be a very powerful, reliable and efficient platform for Agriculture crop dusting, tree dusting and various other tasks and with our recent experiments of payload delivery, AGR-4 is simply delivering an impressive flight performance for various kind of Payload delivery.

Enjoy this little funny video we setup for you to demonstrate the capabilities of AX Drones PDD (Aka AGR-4) Drone to deliver various kinds of payloads to desired destination. This is a concept in motion, in action, and we can supply finished version with Live video, autonomous flight waypoints using android phone Ground Control Station for setting up delivery waypoints and much more. We are capable of building total custom drone solutions and or modify AGR-4 to fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time and we can assure you, we will build you, your personal drone.

Get more details about the specs of this platform here.

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