How to Disassemble an RC Dirt Bike while driving it

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How to Disassemble an RC Dirt Bike while driving it

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ZD Racing Phantom 400 RC Dirt bike is a clone of SkyRC Super Rider SR5. Right outside the box this bike gives you a great impression and you just want to say wow. They do have a neat and new design on the frame and bright attractive color scheme. Rider now is even better with moving joints. ZD Racing RC Dirt bike is also equipped with a stabilizer gyro built in rear wheel that offers superb stabilization for you to drive and control the bike even at very low speeds.

This Dirt bike is coupled with a powerful brushless motor and ESC combo and running a 3S battery, bike wants to pull sweet wheelies right away. It has good stabilization, good run time, its fast and furious, it does great stunts, you can pull long wheelies, you can do stoppies and much more.

However right after few minutes your happiness and wows will start to disappear as you see the bike parts will start to fall apart and eventually bike will almost disassemble itself for you while you are driving it LOL. Why? It’s because the excessive and constant vibrations generated by the rear wheel gyro, that simply vibrate each part and start to open nuts and bolts and screws for you. If you really want to have fun with this bike, be patient. Do not charge the batteries and run out right away. Do this right outside the box if you want your bike to survive longer and bring your more hours of RC Dirt bike stunts, wheelies and bashing experience.

Open the pieces that will take side bars. They have long rods going through frame. Loctite the hell out of those rods and screw pieces and tighten them.

Find more screws around the bike that you can see and are essential, open and Loctite the hell out of them as well.

Super or Gorilla Glue the Tires to Wheels.

Secure your battery right.

Now Go Bash it the way you want and the bike will treat you real sweet

It’s a powerful and very stable Bike. It will pull awesome long wheelies if you know how to maintain a wheel, you can brake and drift around corners, and perform jumps and other stunts. All in all it’s a good try however, honestly speaking it still doesn’t even come close to Super Rider SR5 from SkyRC.

More Specs here
Main Features:
– Thrilling speed of 50km/h provided by the BS2845 3500KV high RPM motor
– 1:5 full proportional RWD motorcycle, strong rear-wheel independent suspension system
– Its built-in 800g 920KV electric gyro makes it easy to carry out various stunts
– Intermediate players can take off the 400g counterweight on the gyro to improve the flexibility in steering and stunt
– 11.1V 1900mAh 25C LiPo battery offers 15 – 20 minutes’ driving after 3 hours’ charging each time

Max. speed: 50km/h
Brushless motor: BS2845 3500KV
Brushless ESC: 40A + 30A
Transmitter: T3G – 2400, 2.4GHz 3CH
Receiver: R3 – 2400, 2.4GHz
Steering servo: 6kg torque, standard type
Electric gyroscope: 800g 920KV
Power supply: built-in 11.1V 1900mAh 25C LiPo battery

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