Introducing my Homemade Electric Paramotor V2

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Introducing my Homemade Electric Paramotor V2

Introducing my Homemade Electric Paramotor V2, EP-Glide, the worlds lightest and amazingly powerful Electric Paramotor. My Journey to Electric Powered flight does not stop. After having tasted the thrill and fun of my First Homemade twin blade Electric Powered Paramotor, I kept on researching and worked hard to build a better, safer, more powerful, and professional grade Electric Paramotor. My hard work finally brought me sweetest fruit in the shape of EP-Glide. A Professional grade, standard configuration, single blade, amazingly Powerful Electric Paramotor. This Monster can produce maximum of 45 kilograms of thrust to propel a pilot paraglider of max 80 kilograms of weight with all the gear. EP-Glide Electric Paramotors weighs only 12.5 kilograms without batteries and 18 kilograms with batteries. This Electric Paramotor Frame can easily be taken apart for easy storage and transportation. And putting it together and getting it ready for flight on the field takes only couple of minutes.

Enjoy this indoor Introduction video and don’t forget to watch outdoor ground testing for power and performance where I moved my Suzuki Jimny with full throttle thrust of my Homemade Electric Paramotor.

Flight testing to be performed soon and I will keep you posted via videos on how flight testing goes and how good it performs when it comes to actual Powered Paragliding.

If you are interested to get info on how to order this EP-Glide Electric Paramotor, please feel free to email me.

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