Micro Battle Drones Solo Flight Demonstration

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Micro Battle Drones Solo Flight Demonstration

BM-A03 are the latest Micro Battles drones that will simply get you hooked to the indoor drone battles for sure. Designed to be extremely User Friendly, now you do not have to worry about learning to fly Drones. Even a 3-year-old Kid can fly these Micro Battle Drones. A 6-year-old kid can even battle and beat adults with BM-A03 Micro Battle Drones. These folding micro battle drones offer extremely easy and user-friendly control system, super stable flight performance with their precise Altitude hold, lots of flight time on single charge, crash resistant body, and an addicting and super fun Infrared drone battle System. Honestly speaking these are the best and top of the line, extremely fun and totally addicting micro battle drones ever. Now you can enjoy hours of fun time battling these micro drones indoors with your friends, and family members.

Key Features of BM-A03 are:
1. Extremely beginner friendly control system
2. Super easy to fly and battle
3. Ready to battle right outside the box
4. Altitude hold
5. 360 Degree flips and rolls
6. 3 Speed adjustment,
7. Infrared Shooting and 3 Hit count systems
8. Crash resistant and unbreakable
9. Light weight folding design
10. Lots of Flight time on single charge
11. Easy and fast battery charging using USB dongles

Enjoy the flight demonstration video and don’t forget to watch Dad and Son Drone battles indoors on my channel.

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