Alpha Cam 4K Selfie Drone Or DJI Spark

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Alpha Cam 4K Selfie Drone Or DJI Spark

Alpha CAM WiFi FPV Mini Selfie Drone available here

is equipped with 4K HD Camera, a GPS System and vision positioning System that makes it extremely easy to fly. It’s an app controlled Selfie drone that you can fly and control using your smartphone running Alpha Cam App, take snapshots and record videos. Alpha Cam 4k Selfie drone is produced by Sunly Tech and Company is simply putting up biggest claims in their advertising videos and other advertisement. Claims of the alluring features of this drone that you will start to wonder that DJI makes just toys. However, when it comes to reality, it will take just one minute for you to realize that you have been tricked. This drone does have a good and powerful hardware however the amazing intelligent features advertised in Sunly tech videos are nothing but bunch of lies to allure people to buy their drone. In real life, Alpha Cam 4K does fly very well, it does have a 4K camera, it is very easy to fly and control, it does have very good flight times, it has very good GPS Position hold and vision positioning system works just fine. You can fly it indoors and outdoors without worries. However, when it comes to the features that most of the people are buying it for, you will find them nowhere in your app, nor the ones present work properly.

Sunly Tech advertising videos and advertising media shows perfect object tracking, face recognition, auto follow me, auto point of interest circle flight and dronnies, but in real life none of these features are either present nor they work. You can manually control the Alpha 4k with your smartphone and app and take good pictures and videos but that’s all there it is. Do not expect it to have all those claimed and advertised features that you have seen and bought it for. There is no tracking, no face recognition, no follow me and no other intelligent features. Only manual flight controls are available. Camera and digital stabilization also shows various glitches.

All in all, Alpha Cam 4k is not going to beat DJI Spark, it does not even come close to what DJI Spark can do. But if you want a quadcopter that flies very well, has GPS Position and Vision Positioning system, good flight endurance, a 4K camera and maybe, maybe later company will release the firmware to add all those advertised features seen in their video, then Alpha Cam 4K can be considered a rival to DJI Spark. Until then, it is just another ordinary selfie drone with 4K Camera. Enjoy the Unboxing and comparison indoor video. And Find the flight testing video on my channel. Let us all hope that Sunly Tech will bring all those advertised features to this drone very soon. And this can prove to be a worthy product.

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