Beebeerun/K200C Outdoor Demo

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Beebeerun/K200C Outdoor Demo

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√ Item size– 9 x 9 inches (accounting the wind sticks) 
√ Weight–100 g / 0.22 lbs 
√ Battery– 3.7V 600mAH Li-battery 
√ Charging input– DC 5V 0.5A-1A 
√ Charging time– about 30-100 minutes based on power source, or till the charger glows red 
√ Flying time– 10 minutes without using the special move function. 7-8 minutes for average usage 
√ Remote control range– up to 110 yards 
√ Wifi Connection to Mobile & 480P Camera 

Quadcopter * 1 (includes 1*camera, 1*3.7V 600 mAh Li-po battery, 4* main blades) 
Remote controller * 1 (battery excluded) 
Protecting Frames * 4 
Extra Main Blades * 4 
Bag of Extra Screws * 1 
USB charging cable * 1 
Screwdriver * 1 
User Manual * 1 

→ BAROMETRIC RATING – the ability to analyze surrounding environments like wind, rain and air pressure and hold itself stably in a certain altitude 
→ DRONE AERIAL – Once you are a skilled drone user, you can utilizing it at outdoor activities, family gatherings, weddings, etc. Record memories in a new method. 
→ BARREL ROLL – Pressing the special move button, the quadcopter will automatically adjust to the best possible position. Then you can do a barrel roll to any direction. 
→ REAL TIME TRANSMISSION – Exactly see what your camera sees via the App.The photo and video can be stored. 

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