MJX Bugs 2W B2W Long Range Desert Flight Test Review

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MJX Bugs 2W B2W Long Range Desert Flight Test Review

The Bugs 2W is capable of flying quite a good distance, while still providing HD quality FPV video via 5G WiFi. Get the Bugs 2W FPV here https://goo.gl/FGNE5W and the cheaper non FPV (has 1080p camera) Bugs 2C here https://goo.gl/5vE1oq

Maximum FPV range performance seems to vary greatly among owners of the B2W. Some have theorized that this may be due to environmental influence, such as interference on the 5.8Ghz band. Others say increased altitude is important to enhance range. However, even out in the desert at about 100 meters altitude with negligible interference, the maximum FPV range that I was able to achieve at altitude was about 350 meters.

Again as max FPV range seems to vary greatly with the user, this leads me to conclude that the primary influence may be the design of the phones used by the individual users. In particular the design of the phone’s 802.11ac (5G) WiFi system and antenna. The design of one phone’s WiFi system may not the same as another’s. For example, my personal phone is able to easily receive my home’s 2.4Ghz WiFi signal throughout the house. However, my wife’s phone only receives home WiFi if in the same room as our WiFi router. I think that this may help to explain why some folks are able to achieve over a kilometer FPV range with the Bugs 2W, while others max range is much less.

For those wondering, my phone is a LeEco LE 2 X520.

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