This Smartphone App Controlled Moskito Plane will get you hooked

What do you think this This Smartphone App Controlled Moskito Plane will get you hooked video?

This Smartphone App Controlled Moskito Plane will get you hooked

TobyRich Moskito: Smartphone App Controlled Airplane – remote controlled drone for iOS & Android with joystick, biplane, double-decker, rc plane for beginners, adults, kids, very durable, crash-proof. Toby Rich Moskito Smartphone App Controlled is a superb Mini Plane that will surely get you hooked to RC Plane flying using your smartphone. This mini plane doesn’t look much when you first open the box, but as soon as you put it in the air, you will simply forget everything and keep it flying. This little plane should come with a Warning. “Warning! Extremely addicting” 😃 and yes sir, that is the truth. This Extremely easy to fly for any age, Mini Smartphone App controlled plane is an absolute pleasure to fly. You will also find a small joystick in the box, should you want to get the feeling to fly a remote-control plane using a joystick, Moskito and the smartphone app will never disappoint you.

This is 4 thumbs up product and I highly recommend it. You will be hooked to fly Moskito Plane. Definitely twice the worth for your pennies.

Get this Amazing nice Plane here

EASY TO CONTROL: Fly the Moskito with your smartphone. Within minutes you will handle it successfully.
CRASH-PROOF: This is the ultimate crash-proof plane! Moskito was built to withstand crashes and ensure long-lasting fun.
JOYSTICK CONTROL: Transform your phone intro a gamepad. Moskito comes with a joystick you can easily mount on your phone.
INTUITIVE HAND CONTROL: You can choose between Joystick or Intuitive Hand Control. It’s your choice!
3 DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Adapt the flight agility to your needs. Choose between easy, normal & expert to master every location.
NIGHT FLIGHT MODE: Strong LEDs make sure you can fly in the dark for the real night flight experience. Choose between 5 different light patterns.
ENGINE SOUNDS: Get the full airplane experience by choosing between piston and turboprop engine sounds.

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