Agisis Life Sized Alien Face Hugger Time Lapse Build

What do you think this Agisis Life Sized Alien Face Hugger Time Lapse Build video?

Agisis Life Sized Alien Face Hugger Time Lapse Build

I have long been a fan of Alien’s Movie series and my personal favorite alien from the movie is this bony creature called Facehugger that will impregnate you with the alien egg by hugging your face and wrapping its long tail tightly around your neck. When I got the 3D printing bug, I was searching for a good and articulated 3D model of Facehugger and lucky me, I found this Agisis Ultimate Alien Facehugger model on thingivere.

I Printed this model on Creality3D CR-10 Printer that you can order a customized bigger version here

Thank you Agisis for this wonderful Facehugger Model files. And you can download the Alien Facehugger here

After days of printing parts, it took me a whole day to put it together and this scary creature came to life when we brought it to desert. Enjoy the time lapse build video and cool shots taken in desert. This is surely a collectors item and you can now own it if you have a 3D printer. If you do not have a 3D Printer, well you can always hire us to 3D print this for you.

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