Dobi Intelligent Voice Controlled Multi Function Humanoid Robot

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Dobi Intelligent Voice Controlled Multi Function Humanoid Robot

WLToys F8 Dobi, Humanoid Robot is an intelligent, multi featured voice controlled and app controlled Robot that offers human like movements and actions. You can control and walk Dobi around using simple voice commands, or ask it to sing a song or dance for you, or you can use Dobi App on your smart devices to control all the features, and actions of Dobi. You can also let Dobi learn custom set of actions and gestures and it will store it in memory for later playback. Dobi can perform Dances, Yoga, Kungfu and martial art moves. Dobi can play football and Dobi can tell interesting stories to your kids. Dobi is a very cute and intelligent robot that will surely win your heart righ outside the box. 48cm Tall Dobi is a great intelligent humanoid robotic companion for your kid or even for yourself. Dobi is powered by an internal battery that offers good operating times. When battery runs out, Dobi tells you that it is tired and you can easily plug it for charging. The best thing that I like about dobi is its martial art actions, Story telling and learning of new gestures. You can download updates and new acitons as they are made available using the app and the fun will never stop. This is a superb robot for your family and kids and it will become a part of your family. It is a highly recommended fun robot.

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