Kids Vs Micro Drone Who won Who Lost?

What do you think this Kids Vs Micro Drone Who won Who Lost? video?

Kids Vs Micro Drone Who won Who Lost?

Kids Vs Micro Box Flyer Drone, This is a scene often seen at our house. This Box Flyer is one of the most fun and the safest Micro Drone that you can put your hands on. It packs a powerful punch and delivers a very stable, addicting and fun flight performance, that you will often find yourself flying it. You just can’t get your hands off. It has attractive color scheme, it’s box flyer drone, that conceals the rotors inside a box mesh, making it the safest and one of the best quadcopters to fly indoors. No matter alone or around people, you will find Box flyer very amusing and truly fun micro drone to play with. Give yourself flight challenges, and fly it worry free. It is perfectly safe to fly around people. Box Flyer Micro Drone makes a superb gift for kids, and for those who wish to get into micro drones and learn to fly drones or for those who just want to have some simple old school fun with a micro drone. Box flyer offers, super stable flight performance, powerful punch, 3 speed control, 360-degree flip, solid Headless mode and one key return to home features. It is the best Box mesh micro drone out there so far. Fly it indoors, or outdoors, box flyer will surely amuse you with its fun flight performance. You will surely carry it around with you too. 1602 Box flyer is a two thumb up highly recommended micro Drone

Grab one here and give yourself the real fun of Micro Drone flying indoors or outdoors

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