Simtoo Moment Folding Follow me Selfie Drone

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Simtoo Moment Folding Follow me Selfie Drone

Simtoo Moment Folding Selfie Drone is basically the worlds safest drone to fly indoors outdoors and around people. It is designed with propellers completely caged in a protective mesh which makes it a perfect and safest drone to fly around people, indoors and outdoors. Simtoo Moment folding design makes it very easy to store, carry around and deploy. Just add a fully charged battery, run Moment drone app, connect your moment drone to app and take off from your palm without any worries. Simtoo moment drone is very easy to fly and operating controls are very straight forward simple. Simtoo offers GPS Glonas, Optical Flow and Ultrasonic sensors for a precise position hold both indoors and outdoors. Indoors though, the optical flow sensor is not much of a help to hold position if the floor patterns are not very visible and or there are too many colorful objects like carpets at indoors. Outdoors on the other hand Simtoo was able to hold Position with a solid hover using GPS, ultrasonic and optical flow sensors. Simtoo is equipped with a 1080P HD camera that takes very good quality pictures. However video quality is not that impressive. Still its better than many similar drones out there though. Simtoo Moment also offers camera tilt feature controllable by app so you can adjust the camera angle for a good shot. Moment drone also offers face tracking and Object tracking features for better framing of your shots and taking good selfies and pictures. In object tracking mode, Simtoo Moment can track you and follow you if you walk very slow and don’t make sudden moves. Flight times are ok though not impressive for this size of drone. Overall, its a good selfie drone that offers some neat features and those features do work. Enjoy the video.

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