Zero finds his mojo

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Zero finds his mojo

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YT sucks unless you upload in 4k.

I was in Canada for this Boise FPV race but apparently the kid came out of his slump. He’s been hurting ever since regional finals because we upgraded all of his gear. I think the biggest issues were changing to the QX 7 and micro swifts with 2.1 lenses.

Seems now he’s fully used to all the new gear so he’s gaining that confidence back.

Aside from that bobble aided by 3.2 crash recovery this looks to be his fastest run from yesterday which was the 2nd finals heat.

– Thrust-UAV Alpha
– Emax Magnum
– Emax rs2306 2400
– Emax Pagoda
– GF 5152-3
– Panda Top 1300
– Runcam Micro Swift

– QX 7
– M7 gimbals
– Star Power Sticks

– Aomway Commanders
– Emax Pagoda
– Menace RC Patch

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