QX4 Mini RC Rock Crawler Indoor Crawling Challenge Course 2

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QX4 Mini RC Rock Crawler Indoor Crawling Challenge Course 2

Parnter Racing QX4 Mini Electric RC Rock Crawler is a dream come true for RC Rock Crawling lovers. This highly scaled 4WD off road RC Rock Crawler packs a powerful 4WD performance and extra realism with its beautiful and aggressive Dune Buggy structure and takes the fun to a whole new level with its built in Simulated Big Block V8 Monster Engine Sound System. Not only now you can enjoy Rock crawling and or any indoor outdoor crawling Challenge courses but also Enjoy the authentic Big Block V8 Monster Engine Simulated sounds while you are at it. QX4 is simply an attention grabber and will rock the crawling tracks with its absolute real simulated Engine sounds and powerful rock crawling performance. QX4 is powered by a small 7.4v battery that offers plenty of driving time for your Rock crawling adventures. It’s Centralized gearbox is powered with a small 360 motor that delivers enough power to all wheels using a Universal Drive Shaft 4WD System. Central gearbox connects two sealed front and rear differentials and axles with a universal drive shaft 4WD System and makes sure you have plenty of power all the time at your finger tips. You can always adjust your ride height and suspension using its 4 adjustable spring loaded shocks. QX4 has soft rubber off road tires that offers superb grip on all terrains and makes it easy to climb insane angles. Partner Racing QX4 is surely designed to bring the RC Rock Crawling addition to all ages.

Check out the QX4 Crawling on a bigger and more challenging indoor RC Crawling Course we built. More Indoor Crawling challenge course videos are on my channel.

You can get this absolutely fantastic crawler here

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