These kids… I don’t even…

What do you think this These kids… I don’t even… video?

These kids... I don't even...

fpvCH was in town for a swim meet this weekend so naturally we had to meet up and race. With rain in the forecast I figured it was as good a time as any to head to our beloved 6’10” parking garage in downtown Boise.

First, I was blown away at how fast Christopher was able to go in a parking garage with zero experience. Secondly, these kids get up to speed way to fast. Zero was probably warmed up halfway through his first pack.

It was just such a pleasure to try and chase these 2 today! Enjoy the footage!

Rig –

– Hyperlite EVO HD sideways top mount
– Emax Magnum
– Crossfire Micro RX
– LS2206 2850 (prototypes)
– HQ 5043-3
– Runcam Swift Micro 2.1
– Emax Long Pagoda
– Bonka Graphene 1300
– Brain3d Session mount and micro cam mounts

Zero was flying his RS2306 Alpha and fpvCH was flying his Floss.

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