Skytech M62R Quadcopter Review Flight

Skytech M62R Quadcopter Review Flight – Check out this video of me giving my thoughts on this drone while flying it. This Skytech is in some way related to SYMA quadcopters. The the receivers at the same and many of the functions and flight characteristics are very similar. I really do like the Skytech M62. This mini drone looks just like an DJI Phantom, but half the size and cost pennies on the dollar.

You get a very smooth flight and this quadcopter is perfect for beginners. Additionally, it comes with a ton of extras and a built-in on-board camera. The camera is on 0.3 mega pixels, but better than nothing. I have personally not shot any footage with my camera, as it keeps recording garbage/static.

If you are looking for a mini quadcopter in the $20 range, this is a perfect one fore any skill level.

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