SYMA X11 Hornet RC Quadcopter

SYMA X11 Hornet RC Quadcopter – Check out this video of me flying this mini drone outdoors. SYMA quadcopters are some of the best knockoffs, that come from China. I have not had many issues with the few that I own. The X11 Hornet is gear driven, which makes it louder than most in its class. My only complaint about the X11, is throttle drop out. While flying, if you adjust the throttle too low, the quadcopter will drop from the sky.

I understand why SYMA’s have this issue, as you can launch them directly from your hand. The X11 Hornet is modeled after a Hubson, but cost just a fraction of the price. The model that I am flying in the video, does not have an on-board camera and only cost around twenty-five USD. This is perfect for beginners or quadcopter fans on a budget.

What do you think about this SYMA X11 Hornet RC Quadcopter

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