MJX X600 RunCam HD Camera

MJX X600 RunCam HD Camera – Check out this video of me flying this hexacopter with a camera attached to the bottom. The MJX is an extremely cool RC copter, that is inexpensive. You can pick one of these hexacopters up for under $40 USD. It comes with six motors, 700 Mah battery, controller, spare parts, landing gear, lights etc… all at a low price.

Even though this is consider to be a mini, the X600 can lift a GoPro and/or action cameras; such as RunCams or Mobius. It is not a good idea to fly this hexacopter at all times with a camera attacehed, as the propellers are gear driven and will wear down over time. It is very impressive that it can lift a RunCam, considering its size.

What do you think about this MJX X600 RunCam HD Camera video?