FQ777 126C Mini Hexacopter Drone

Check out this FQ777 126C Mini Hexacopter Drone! This minature sized drone allows you to fly in-doors and outdoors. With six gyros, there is strong stability and great wind resistances. The 126C does have headless mode, which is good for new fliers or if you loose line of site with you quadcopter. You can also use the one-key return to home function to bring the hexacopter back to you. The 126C also comes with an on-board camera, which is an excellent edition.

FQ777 126C Mini Hexacopter

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FQ777 126C Mini Hexacopter Drone

Attractive spider design: Mini size allows you to fly indoors or within limited space.

6 axis gyro: Strong stability and great wind resistance, easier to control.

Headless mode: No need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.

360 degree rollover function: Professional cool and exquisite flight action.

With 90 – 100W HD camera: Capture and record every unforgettable moment.

Dual mode control: Mode 1 and mode 2 one key switch, which allows everyone to play this drone.

With a charging cable: You can charge the drone by batteries in the controller, enjoy flying anywhere and anytime.