FPV Proximity flight with Kylin Vision FPV Video Goggles

What do you think this FPV Proximity flight with Kylin Vision FPV Video Goggles video?

FPV Proximity flight with Kylin Vision FPV Video Goggles

I was Enjoying Flying Free style Proximity FPV Flight using my old 250 FPV Racing Quadcopter with new Kylin Vision FPV Video goggles and Arish was helping me shoot the video. Enjoy a cute dialogue between Arish and Haadi. Arish was trying to shoot a nice video for his baba, while haadi was bothering him with his new Space gun LOL. It went very well, until the watering of Grass started and then he ran to play with water leaving the camera on the table. Kids are kids. Have fun with this video as I was having lots of fun flying and hearing their cute argument behind me.

Kylin Vision is a 5 inch HD LCD FPV Video goggles equipped with a very sensitive and powerful 5.8Ghz 32 channel video receiver that will auto tune, auto search the frequencies range and lock on to the strongest signals of your video transmitter on board your RC FPV Aircraft to bring you a crystal clear, sharp and a giant image inside the goggles. Flying FPV Racing Quadcopters is even better with Kylon Vision FPV video goggles. Upon my testing, I flew closer to ground and up to 200 meters away in every direction to test the video reception and surprisingly I never lost a video during my Free style FPV Proximity flight. Kylin Vision 5 inch HD LCD and a nice clear lens brings a Giant, bright and crystal clear video to Fly Proximity and free style FPV with precision. Pilots can see everything crystal clear and fly with even better precision. Enjoy this complete review and flight testing Proximity Free Style flight of my 250 FPV Racing Quadcopter with Kylin Vision FPV Video goggles.

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