Hubsan H501C GPS Camera Voyager Drone Flight Test Review

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Hubsan H501C GPS Camera Voyager Drone Flight Test Review

It’s relatively easy to fly long range line of sight with the H501C GPS position hold quadcopter without the need for FPV (Buy it here I call this kind of flying with a GPS camera bird "Voyaging". Although the quadcopter may just be a tiny dot in the sky, it is still easy to maintain directional orientation if you practice the following very important skill

Note that if at anytime I had flown beyond the range of the transmitter during this flight, all I would have to do is let go of the sticks and let it fly automatically back towards me. I could retake control once it reached a comfortable position by simply moving the pitch roll stick to regain control. Or by not touching the sticks, just just let it return all the way and land back at its takeoff point if so desired.

This new version of the popular H501 GPS camera quadcopter is up to $100 cheaper than the H501S version. Yet it still has the same airframe, brushless motors, 1080p camera, GPS position hold, telemetry, and return to home and landing capability.

– Powerful brushless motor quadcopter at a reasonable price. Price reduction achieved by elimination of FPV and follow me capabilities of the H501S.
– GPS position hold flying.
– Return to home and automatic landing capability at takeoff point. Returns to home automatically on loss of signal from the transmitter, or if manually initiated by the return to home button.
– Transmitter is not a battery eater like that of the H501S. You’ll get many flights out of a set of batteries with this transmitter (I’m still going strong with more than a dozen flights).
– Great transmitter. I’ve flown it out to 300 meters before losing sight of the quadcopter forced me to turn back. But I still had control of the quadcopter throughout that flight.
– Transmitter includes telemetry information of quadcopter’s directional heading, distance, height, satellites received, and quadcopter remaining battery power.
– Very portable. Just the right save to take on a trip or on an airplane.
– Relatively quiet and non-intrusive in flight. Should be able to fly this many places without being hassled.
– 1080p full HD camera.

– Does not have the FPV or follow me capability of the H501S. These capabilities were removed in the H501C to greatly reduce the cost of this quadcopter.
– Still weighs more than 250 grams, and will require FAA registration.

Vendor’s Description
Brand Hubsan
Model H501C
Quantity 1 Piece
Frequency 2.4G
Channel 4CH
Gyr 6 axis
Color Black
Camera 1080P Built-in Camera
FOV 90°wide Angle
Motor (x4) PM1806 KV1650(Brushless)
Quadcopter Battery 7.4V 2700mAh 10C(Included)
Battery Weight 105g
Flight Time About 20 minutes
Flight Weight(included battery):35-445g
Charging Time About 210 minutes
Control Distance About 300m
Memory Card 4G TF card. Max support: 64G card(Not Included)
Battery for Transmitter 4 x AAA batteries(not included)
Quadcopter Weight 410g
Product Size 22*22*7cm
Wheelbase 311mm
Box Size 37.5*30.5*11.5cm

Package Contents
1 x Hubsan H501C RC Quadcopter, 1 x Transmitter, 1 x 7.4V 2700mAh 10C LiPo-Battery, 4 x Propellers (2XCW 2XCCW), 1 x Charger, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x English Manual

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