Hubsan X4 H501s FPV GPS Quadcopter Indoor Review

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Hubsan X4 H501s FPV GPS Quadcopter Indoor Review

Hubsan X4 H501s FPV GPS Camera Quadcopter is a very beginner friendly Quadcopter that is equipped with basic GPS Features assisting beginners to learn to fly. Hubsan X4 offers real time live Video (First Person View) FPV Video from your Quadcopter using a 720P HD Camera and a 2.5inch small LCD on the Radio. Hubsan X4 GPS Quadcopter offers, GPS Position hold mode, Auto Return to home and land, headless mode and Follow me modes. Live video on your Radio Screen is cluttered with lots of flight data information using the built in OSD in the Radio system.

Hubsan X4 is a very smooth and very easy to fly quadcopter and everything works right outside the box just fine. Camera records Jello filled and out of focus video which is pretty much useless to share with anyone. Live video and FPV works just fine for you to fly the quad and experience flying First Person view. All the advertised features work pretty good except for the Dreaded altitude hold. You will have to control the throttle all the time in order to keep the quad at desired altitude. Which is basically too annoying. Most of the time Quad will shoot too high up in the air that beginners will surely lose the quad if there was no Auto return to home feature.

All In all it’s a good quad to fly and have fun with and or to learn to fly and impress your friends and fellows with its Follow me Feature.

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