Daddy Longlegs or JJRC H28 Quadcopter

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Daddy Longlegs or JJRC H28 Quadcopter

Daddy longlegs is a very addicting game available on iOS and androids and JJRC H28 mimics the characters from this games once you install the long landing gear. JJRC H28 is a newest bread of El Cheapo Quadcopters from JJRC. It features Detachable arms, Altitude hold, WIFI video, Smartphone app, headless mode, flips, rolls, and one key auto return to home. A whole lot of features advertised using smartphone app, which fortunately does not work at all except showing an upside down image.

Quality wise JJRC H28 is a master piece of cheapness and terrible quality control. Camera seems to be made out of some plastic picked from garbage, all other plastic smells toxic, and screws rattle inside the main body.

JJRC H28 offers a whole lot of features out of which only few actually work.

Lucky us, the flying of the quadcopter feature works and quadcopter flies just fine.
Controls are good,
Flight time is nice,
quadcopter is very easy to fly,
live video works only that you see upside down image on your smartphone and nothing else,
headless mode works.
One key auto return to home probably activates auto return to China.

Enjoy this indoor detailed review and don’t forget to watch flight testing on my channel to find out what actually works and what does not.

If you want to order this quadcopter, use the link.

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