UPAir One Camera Drone on Mars Flight Test Review

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UPAir One Camera Drone on Mars Flight Test Review

Come along for a drone flight over the surface of Mars! Well, Trona Pinnacles, California which might as well be Mars :-). Buy the UPAir One here http://www.banggood.com/UPair-UP-Air-FPV-With-12_0MP-1080P-SONY-HD-Camera-2-Axis-Gimbal-RC-Quadcopter-p-995265.html?p=RB0922217402201307U3 or here on Amazon http://amzn.to/2dM1WvY
This GPS FPV explorer quadcopter has plenty of special features including 5.8Ghz FPV, on screen display (OSD), high resolution 7" monitor, two axis gimbal, and HD camera. IMO this quadcopter is still the best bang for your buck in terms of the features provided for the price.

– Very little assembly required (just prop installation). Gimbal, camera, landing gear, and everything else was already installed out of the box.
– GPS with dual compass that does not require compass calibration prior to flight (calibrates itself automatically during flight).
– Long range FPV (I’ve been able to get out to about 600 meters).
– High resolution 7" monitor with on screen display (OSD) of pertinent flight information. Includes camera recording status, GPS satellite status, compass direction, range, total distance travelled, flight mode, total flight time, takeoff elevation, remaining battery power, speed, attitude, and my personal favorite… the arrow pointing home 😉
– Long range control (out to 1000 m).
– Failsafe return to home on loss of signal or low battery.
– Comes with Firefly 2K or 4K HD camera. It has gyro stabilization, although I didn’t not turn it on. The selection shows a video camera icon with dampener balls attached. Again, I had that turned off for this flight.
The camera also has varied field of view. I have wide angle selected for FPV flying. But it can be reduced to medium and narrow field of view (for those that don’t like fisheye).
The camera also has WiFi, so that the camera can be viewed in flight and controlled by the Firefly FPV app available on Google Play and iTunes.
– Two axis stabilized gimbal with tilt control.
– 5400mah quadcopter smart battery (I’ve been getting over 14 minutes flight time with it)
– Controller powered by 11.1V 2200mah LiPo battery.
– Flight modes include GPS position hold, altitude hold, IOC (headless mode), and return to home.

– Instruction manual was incorrect regarding the switch positions of the transmitter. May result in accidentally leaving the transmitter on.
– Controller’s antennas (5.8Ghz FPV and 2.4Ghz control) are not removable/replaceable. In other words, can’t install better antennas to replace the stock ones.
– Landings can be bouncy, but haven’t tilted the quadcopter yet in landing.
– High speed flying in altitude hold results in climbing of the quadcopter.
– Requires FAA registration to be flown in the USA.

Total Weight (including battery,camera and gimbal): 1280G
Battery Type: Li-Po battery with a full capacity of 5400mAh
Propeller: 9450
Wheelbase: 355mm
Motor: 2212
Maximum Ascending Velocity: 3m/s
Maximum Descending Velocity: 1.8m/s
Maximum Tilting Angle: 45°/s
Maximum Horizontal Speed (in GPS Mode): 12m/s
Hovering Accuracy (During a Safe Flight):
Vertical:1m Horizontal: 1.6m
Duration of Auto-hover:
Full-load (1280g): 16min Aircraft alone (1085g): 22min

Remote Controller
Communication Range (in open areas): 1000m
Working Frequency: 2.4G

Working Frequency: 5.8G
Maximum Communication Range (in open areas): 800M

Lens: SONY(1/2.3 inches) 12 Megapixel And 4K 24@FPS Backside Illumination CMOS.
Function: Continuous shooting of eleven 12-Megapixel photos within one second
Time-lapse photography enables you to capture spectacular footages,just as a professional photographer do.
Featuring adjustable shooting angles,the camera contains a particular algorithm capable of setting distorting degrees to fit diverse shooting scenes.
Built-in parameters like ISO,Sharpness,Adjustable colors help to achieve different shooting effects in accordance with the scenes.

Brushless Gimbal
Accuracy of Angle Control: ±0.2°
Controllable Rotational Range: Pitching -30°to90°
Maximum Controlling Rotational Velocity: Pitching 15°/s

Connection with the camera on demand through Wi-Fi allows you to share the unique footages,transmit videos or photos to your smart phone.

Package Included:
1 x Upair Quadcopter, 1 x Quadcopter Battery, 1 x Tranmitter With Monitor, 1 x Transmitter Battery, 1 x Camera (2K/4K),1 x Quadcopter Charger, 1 x Transmitter Charger

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