AirTank FPV Flying Tank Outdoor Drive and Flight

What do you think this AirTank FPV Flying Tank Outdoor Drive and Flight video?

AirTank FPV Flying Tank Outdoor Drive and Flight

WLToys AirTank is an Air Land FPV Vehicle / Tank that you can drive or fly. It is equipped with a 5.8ghz FPV System and 720P HD Pinhole Camera to record HD video at the same time while transmitting live video to supplied LCD screen. WLToys flies very stable due to its 6 axis Gyro System. It handles winds outdoors just fine for its air / flying operations. It has Colorful flashing light to enjoy driving or flying at night. You can switch Flying or Land driving mode using a button on your Radio. In land mode, you can drive it using left and right sticks. However, driving performance is not so strong or satisfying either. Two small geared motors are used to drive the whole vehicle using belt drives and those motors are totally underpowered. This leaves driving to a very disappointing and slow forward only. Backward or turning is not often possible due to weak little motors being unable to put enough power out. Flying is what it does best. Driving its where you will not like it. All in all, it’s a fun little toy. If you can ignore the disappointing driving mode, it flies really well, FPV system works pretty good and it records good enough HD video in 720P. Enjoy the Indoor review and don’t forget to watch flight and drive video review on my channel.

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