Cheapest and Reliable GPS Follow Me Quadcopter CG035

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Cheapest and Reliable GPS Follow Me Quadcopter CG035

All new improved Aosenma CG035 is by far the cheapest and amazingly reliable GPS Featured Quadcopter from Chinese Toy Manufacturers. Listed for just $175, this Amazing little CG035 GPS Quadcopter offers following features:
• Dual GPS System Extra reliable
• Solid GPS Position hold,
• Altitude and Attitude hold,
• Auto Return to home and land
• One Key Auto Take off,
• One Key Auto Land,
• Headless mode
• Auto Circle Point of Interest
• One Key Auto Follow Me
• 20 minutes of flight time
• GoPro Camera Mount to Carry GoPro or other action sports cameras

This time factory was directly in touch with me and based on my feedback they made some quality improvements. Quadcopter now is lighter, better, fast, more powerful and more reliable plus all the advertised features simply work perfectly. CG035 offers Plenty of flight time on single fully charged supplied battery. Plus, it will carry a GoPro 4 camera in the air to shoot amazing good videos for you. Specially if you use follow me and auto circle features, you can get away with some serious nice footage. CGO35 is now more beginner friendly, easier to use and super easy to fly. Specially the Auto follow me feature is the best I have seen so far in any toy grade GPS Quadcopter. If you are looking for a cheaper Quadcopter that you can use to fly FPV and Shoot good videos at the same time, don’t look any further and grab yourself aosenma CG035. Enjoy the detailed flight testing review of All new, improved CG035.

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