Furibee F36 Cheap Blade Inductrix Clone Flight Test Review

What do you think this Furibee F36 Cheap Blade Inductrix Clone Flight Test Review video?

Furibee F36 Cheap Blade Inductrix Clone Flight Test Review

This quadcopter may be the best of the low cost Inductrix clones to convert into a tiny whoop. Powerful and maneuverable, yet cheap! A much better flier than the Eachine E010 and JJRC H36. Find it here http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_571962.html?lkid=10265167

– Very inexpensive. One of the lowest cost drones currently available.
– Great indoor/outdoor flier. Propeller ducts protect the propellers, enabling the quadcopter to remain in the air when bumped against objects.
– Very easy and stable flier in low rate.
– Excellent maneuverable flier in high rate.
– Excellent flipper. Throttle automatically compensates to regain lost altitude from the flip.
– Motors and ducted fan propellers provide very good power and lifting ability. Should be easily able to convert this into a tiny whoop.
– The control sticks can be extended for better control of the quadcopter.
– Reasonable flying time of about 5 full minutes from its 150mah battery.
– The quadcopter automatically binds to the transmitter when turned on. No need for up/down binding via the throttle.
– Includes headless mode and one key return (I apologize that I forgot to demonstrate this).
– Overall, this one appears to be a better performing clone of the Inductrix as compared to the Eachine E050 and JJRC H36.

– Range appears to be about 30 meters. When flown out of range, there is a 5 second lag between loss of signal and shutdown of the motors. If flown downwind, this could be a problem as the quadcopter would drift further away with the wind before dropping. But if flown upwind, the quadcopter will drift back into range during this period. Another reason to alway remember, fly upwind if flying distant.

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