FX818 Pterosaur RC Glider Flight Test Review

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FX818 Pterosaur RC Glider Flight Test Review

This inexpensive park flier airplane is an excellent glider, and can remain aloft with very little updraft. Find it here https://goo.gl/Mg8OCX

– Long flier with excellent gliding capability. I had a hard time bringing it back down due to a gentle steady wind hitting a slight ridge to the right of my position.
– Includes bright and colorful LED light strip for night flying.
– Very crash resistant. I experienced several hard nose-ins until I figured out how to best turn the aircraft with bumps of the yaw control. Not a scratch on the aircraft through all those crashes.
– inexpensive airplane.

– Although cheap, this one can be a bit tricky for new fliers. It has 2 channel control via differential thrust of the motors. It can be a bit tricky in turns as it can easily flip inverted with continued application of the yaw control. It’s best to turn it with repeated and quick bumps of the yaw control, as demonstrated in the video.
– Range is somewhat short at about 70 meters.
– Beware of trees 😉

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