WLtoys 10428A RC Electric 4WD Wild Truck Indoor Review

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WLtoys 10428A RC Electric 4WD Wild Truck Indoor Review

WLToys new WildTruck Warrior is their newest RC 4WD Cross Country truck. It is a 4WD Truck with 2 speed transmission that you can shift using an aux switch on your radio. Sadly however, it’s a copy of Axial Poison Spyder truck and to add more, WLToys copies the Jeep Trade Mark Grill and Futaba 4PLS Radio System to the exact details. Now when we put the copying aside, we can see a great Product in there. Shipped for 115$ RTR, you get a RC Truck that is built to perform and keep you busy for hours with its powerful driving performance and it does it right outside the box.

In this video, we will unbox this amazing good deal, talk about the radio, take a closer look at the truck, its chassis and discuss various options offered by WLToys. Those who can’t afford the expensive Axial, well you will find this Truck a very appetizing Deal.

You can order this truck here.

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