AOMWAY Upgraded FPV System TX01 and FPV Antennas

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AOMWAY Upgraded FPV System TX01 and FPV Antennas

AOMWAY has always been my favorite choice when it came to FPV Systems, FPV Cameras, Video Transmitters and Antennas. Now AOMWAY takes a next right step by releasing the all new Upgraded TX01 FPV Video Transmitter which is adjustable for 25mW to 200mW to 600mW Power, ANT009 13dbi Diamond Directional Antenna and 3dbi Cloverleaf antennas for your FPV needs. TX01 offers PIT mode where it does not transmit anything and you can easily switch frequencies and bands without disturbing other FPV Pilots in the area. Once you are done setting up frequencies and bands, you can turn the FPV Transmission on by setting the Video transmitter power to 25mw, 200mw or 600mw as per your choice. All new 13dbi Dual Diamond Patch Antenna offers long range video reception and mini 3dbi Cloverleaf antennas are a good choice for FPV Racing Quadcopter flights. Enjoy the video and you can order the AOMWAY FPV gear using links below.

Order AOMWAY Upgraded TX01 here

Order AOMWAY Clover leaf Antennas a Pair here.

Order AOMWAY Diamond Patch Antenna here

Order AOMWAY 700TV Camera here

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